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Peer To Peer


Investigation will done during each visit to establish communication with debtor and explore into debtor's means of repayment

Residential Visit

Investigation will done to understand if there are any financial difficulties faced by the debtor's business and mediate between both debtor and client.

Workplace Visit

Assist debtor if he/she has difficulties looking for job.


Act to negotiate with relatives / friends of debtor for repayment.


Refer debtor to any relevant government agencies if he / she needs further assistance


Tele Collection

Call center

Reminder calls to debtor and constantly pursuing debtor for payment


Negotiate with debtors and prepare installments on other payment methods for debtors

Skip Tracing

  • Skip tracing is the process of locating a person's whereabouts.

  • Our skip tracer will collect all primary information of the debtor, analyzed, reduced and verified.

  • Utilizing our expertise and techniques, we will assist our clients to locate their debtors.

Debt Counseling

  • Info Talk on Debt Management

  • Credit Counselling

  • Debt Management Programme (DMP)

  • Education on Financial Issues

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