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What Does Engaging Debt Collection Services Look Like in Singapore?

When you think of debt collectors, the classic images of a pig’s head and O$P$ splattered in red on corridor walls would most probably appear first. However, unlike loan shark runners, we as legal debt collectors, do the exact opposite.

1. What Do We Do as Debt Collectors?

Unlike loan shark runners, Double Ace Associates is a well-established company that provides debt collection and debt management services. We offer a customised service to our clients, supported by leading technology and a highly motivated and experienced team.

You can be assured that Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd will be working proactively while maintaining compliance during our process of debt collection or debt management.

In addition, we render necessary assistance to debtors by providing them with reasonable and affordable payment schedules based on the individual's capacity.

Firstly, we classify each case as unique and special. Thus, special attention is given to each case.

Secondly, fieldwork such as visitations are commenced quickly and swiftly for every case. With clear objectives and legal support, we are quick to secure debt repayment in the fastest time possible for our clients.

Lastly, we are realistic and reasonable when dealing with any case and advise our clients accordingly. For instance, debtors are either subjected to full payment or a reasonable instalment amount.

2. How Far Do We Go in Getting Debt Repaid?

Instead of resorting to underhand tactics such as splashing red paint or using scare tactics, we provide peer-to-peer collections, tele-collections, skip tracing and even debt counselling.

Peer-to-Peer Collection

1. Residential Visits

  • Investigation will be conducted during each visit to establish communication with debtors and also figure out the debtor's means of repayment

2. Workplace Visits

  • Investigation will be conducted to understand if there are any financial difficulties faced by the debtor's business. Double Ace Associates will then proceed to mediate between both debtor and client by understanding the circumstances faced by both parties

3. Others

  • Double Ace Associates goes the extra mile to assist the debtor if he or she has difficulties looking for a job

  • Double Ace Associates goes the extra mile to negotiate with relatives or friends of debtors for repayment.

  • Double Ace Associates goes the extra mile by referring the debtor to any relevant government agencies if he or she needs further assistance


1. Call Center

  • Double Ace Associates provides reminder calls to debtor in order to receive debt repayment as soon as possible

  • Co-ordinator

  • Double Ace Associates negotiates with debtors and prepare instalments on other payment methods for debtors


  • Skip tracing is the process of locating a person's whereabouts

  • Our skip tracer will collect all primary information of the debtor and utilising our expertise and techniques, we will assist our clients to locate their debtors


  • Info Talk on Debt Management

  • Credit Counselling

  • Debt Management Programme (DMP)

  • Education on Financial Issues

3. Maintaining a Professional Stance

What sets us apart from your neighbourhood ah long is the fact that we remain professional and comply with the law.

We keep things professional by abiding the following guidelines set by the Credit Collection Association of Singapore:

  • No unlawful assembly

  • No use of intimidation and violence

  • No vandalism

  • No harassment

  • No damaging or taking possession of your belongings

As legal debt collectors, we at Double Ace Associate have the ability to act as an intermediary between you and your creditors. As such, instead of running away from your debts, engage us so we can help you with our range of services.

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