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How is Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd's process like?

         STEP 1

Case Investigation


Field Actions

How will my debtor make payments?

At Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd, we are very strict on payments methods, as such debtors can pay in the following manner:

1) Bank Transfer to clients or us

2) Cheque payment to clients or us

3) Cash payment at our office (with receipt)

4) Cash payment at client's office (with receipt)





Why should I use Debt Collection Service?

Although debt collection is not 100% guarantee, at most times debt collection is a cheaper alternative for clients for do not wish to initiate legal suits.

Debt collection deals with debtors on a peer to peer basis which allows clients to better understand each debtor's situation.

Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd provide Legal Advice?

No, Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd do not provide legal advice. However we may advice each clients base on our experiences with cases that we have act on.

If our client require legal advice, Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd may refer clients to a lawyer.

How actively do Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd pursue clients' debtors?

It is not how many times we pursue a debtor, it is how effective each session with the debtor.

At Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd, we strive to use the shortest time possible to secure payments for our clients. As such, field team will allocate the best time to visit each debtor for negotiation.

How will Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd update the clients?

Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd  will provide clients the following ways for updating:

1) Online portal via our webpage

2) Client may email into us once a month for updates

3) Call office or respective sales person for updates

How effective is Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd in recovering the bad debts?

Each industry is unique and rate of recovery differs.

In general, Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd has achieved a  success rate of 85% on full and/or partial recovery.

Can Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd perform overseas collection?

Overseas cases are subjected to discussion.

The client needs to have all information and details ready prior to discussion with Double Ace Associates Pte Ltd.

Thereafter we will advice the client.

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